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Professional Organization

Taylor’d Designs can bring order, functionality and efficiency to your spaces through its professional organizing services. Through our designs, systems and processes, we can help homeowners and businesses improve their quality of life and productivity.

Home Office 

This home office was in total disarray. The desk was overflowing, and it was difficult to locate needed files and other work. Also, there were things all over the floor, which created traffic flow problems; and guests had no place to sit. The organizing first began by de-cluttering. Those things that were no longer needed were thrown out and that which were needed to be retained was given its own space. Thereafter, files and papers were organized and through space planning, the office set-up was modified and then styled.


Doggie Station

 When the dog walker arrived to take Mimi for a daily stroll, the dog leash could not be found. As a result, Mimi’s walking time was minimized as the search for the leash took place. Now Mimi has her own area that includes a place to hang her leashes and storage for her food and toys. Even her diploma from obedience school is proudly displayed on the wall in the doggie station. Now, Mimi gets her full hour of walking because the leash is always in its place; and she knows where to go when its feeding time, or to get a toy to play with.

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