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At Taylor’d Designs, we design spaces that reflect the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle. If it is a commercial property, we tailor the design to be consistent with the company’s business brand.

A good starting point for determining the design direction is to identify the style(s) that best represent you.

Scroll down to see which design style best reflects you.


This design style embraces the use of natural materials and craftsmanship of the early 1900’s. Wood that is unpainted, but richly stained, is the dominant material. Furniture and architectural details utilize simple forms and often showcase the way pieces and materials are put together. The palette usually consists of the muted, colors of the earth. Jewel-toned stained glass windows and Tiffany lamps are also typical in this design, with accessories that have bronze, brass or copper accents.


This style uses design elements from Japan, China and other Asian nations. From Japan, simple, natural and minimalistic elements create serene, calm environments. The Chinese influence can create a bold, yet warm, environment by using glossy lacquered furniture and brightly colored accessories.


This comfortable look is inspired by the beach and the ocean. It evokes a casual and relaxed feeling by using light and airy natural fabrics. The color palette features whites, beiges, blues and sea greens. Accessories and accents often have nautical or beach-themed motifs, such as anchors, lighthouses, seashells and coral.